Who Needs Deliverance

Persons Who May Need Deliverance Include: 1. Individuals conceived in adultery or fornication 2. Individuals whose parents contemplated an abortion 3. Individuals given up for adoption 4. Individuals abandoned by one or more parents 5. Individuals who were orphans 6....

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Client File Sheet

On the following pages, please find a copy of the Wings of Fire Ministries Client File Sheet. We have supplied these for you to aid in qualifying a person coming for ministry and deliverance. It’s very important to take the time needed with each person to build trust...

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Binding/Loosing Prayer

Prayer from Shattering Your Strongholds* by liberty Savard.
Used by Permission. * ISBN 0-88270-713-2
 In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind my spirit, soul and body to the will of purposes of God for my life. (or replace “my” with your family or person you want to...

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Encourage Yourself In the Lord

I have Jesus’ mind. I think like Jesus. I have His thoughts. I have His imaginations, His dreams and vision in me. His perfect love casts out all my fear. His perfect love casts out all imaginations of the past; what has been, what could be, what might be, but what is...

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