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Sunday @ 1:00p.m. est. (church service)
Wednesday @ 6:30p.m. est.
(Bible study) with Sandra Spracklin

Sandra Spracklin has been with Wings Of Fire Ministries from the beginning. She was part of a prayer meeting we started for the city of Hamilton and for the nations before the actual church started. Her calling as a teacher of the Word of God led her to begin a Bible class starting in 1994. She currently teaches a Bible class on Wednesday nights at the ministry. She has been a faithful servant in the house of the Lord. She is licensed with Anchor Ministerial Fellowship.
Many more have joined us and been faithful all these years. With the Wings of Fire Ministries- here are there names:
Richard Thompson who does prison ministry.
Nancy, his wife, is a prayer counselor at Huntley Street. (Licenced with Anchor Ministry)
Julie and Dan Buck have been a great support. Pauline Hicks is one of our directors.
Alan, her husband, is a great support also.

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