Prayer from Shattering Your Strongholds* by liberty Savard.
Used by Permission. * ISBN 0-88270-713-2

In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind my spirit, soul and body to the will of purposes of God for my life. (or replace “my” with your family or person you want to pray for).

I bind my mind, will and emotions to the will of God. I bind myself to the truth and to the blood of Jesus. I bind my mind to the mind of Christ that the very thoughts, feelings and purposes of His heart would be within my thoughts.

I bind my feet to the paths of righteousness that my steps would be steady and sure. I bind myself to the work of the cross with all its mercy, grace, love, and forgiveness and dying to self.

I loose every old, wrong, ungodly pattern of thinking, attitude, idea, desire, belief, motivation, habit and behavior from myself. I tear down, crush, smash and destroy every stronghold associated with these things, I loose any stronghold in my life that has been justifying and protecting hard feelings against anyone. I loose the strongholds of un-forgiveness, fear and distrust from myself.

I loose the power and effects of deceptions and lies from myself. I loose the confusion and blindness of the God of this world from my mind that has kept me from seeing the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I call forth every precious word of Scripture that has ever entered into my mind and heart that it would rise up in power within me.

In he name of Jesus, I loose the power and effects of any harsh or hard words (word curses) spoken to, about or by me. I loose all generational bondages and associated strong holds from myself. I loose all effects and bondages from myself that may have been caused by mistakes made at any point between generations. I destroy them right here, right now. They will not bind and curse any more members of this family.

I bind the strong man, Satan, that I may spoil his house, taking back every material and spiritual possession he has wrongfully taken from me. I loose the enemy’s influence over every part of my body, soul, and spirit. I loose, crush, smash and destroy every evil device he may try to bring into my sphere of influence during this day.

I bind and loose these things in Jesus’ name. He has given me the keys and the authority to do so. Thank you, Lord, for the truth. Amen.